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Thanks to David Christopher Loya of Vision4Media, who passed along advice from the iconic sage of cinema… Mr. Billy Wilder. David received the insight from the Gotham Writers website: Billy Wilder was one of the greatest writer/directors in film history, having co-written and directed...
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When I have a show and the guest does not turn up, I normally try to chat about them and their book not only so people get a little information about them, but also in case they have been delayed and might join the show all be it late. Today was one of those shows, as after a few minutes my guest...
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The company that owns the West Hollywood movie studio known as The Lot has revised its controversial development plans for the historic property. CIM Group, which began demolition in April 2012 before plans stalled, says it’s proposing a positive preservation plan for the property at the...
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I actually have to leave here in an hour so I'm going to go ahead and study that French super hard right now!! (See post from yesterday.) Yes, that's right, I did not study French yesterday. I sort of cleaned house a little bit, but then Bill & I watched a movie (!!) that we got on a whim at...