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Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving

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Most gracious and Heavenly Father, hear, we beseech Thee, these humble words of thanks for Thy bountiful and loving care. We thank Thee that in Thy wisdom and tolerence we have been granted another year of happiness together. We ask Thy blessing for those leaders among us who seek peace. We ask for...
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  Let us gather The spirit is great for some --- For some, the flesh unwilling.  Remembrance strong-gnawing At the bloodied bone,  Still screams, massacres Echo centuries Of denial and desecration. A festival of conquest Becomes a feast of family, Where this day the uninvited claw At...
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it's that time of year...for my perennial, untoppable "fruits-and-nuts" American-family culture clash Thanksgiving story: Spirit of the Season(ing)
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  The other night I was sitting in my recliner, doing a crossword puzzle, while watching the news.   I do this most every night before I go to bed.  For some reason filling in the little squares on the puzzle with letters relaxes me and helps me to sleep.  The news was...
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We spent our first real Thanksgiving Dinner as a family at the home of a colleague of my husband. They taught together at a university in a small Midwestern college town. We were very happy for the invitation. We were curious about this national American holiday and were anxious to spend it with...
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When our son was small, my husband, Scott, and I tried to teach him the meaning of Thanksgiving by having everyone at the holiday table state something for which they were thankful. By the time he became a teenager, our son thought this was corny. But he humored us, and the custom went on. In 2001...
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In a few days we will officially kick off the Christmas Season by celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Yes, I know Walmart has had Christmas decorations out for a month or more, but sorry, I’m from the old school and I only celebrate one holiday at a time.  Everything is moving too fast these days....
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Mmm...I can almost smell the turkey roasting, taste the warm stuffing, hear the glasses clinking together, and feel the love of family and friends enjoying a delicious meal and the company of one another.  Yes, Thanksgiving is only three days away.  It is a time to give thanks.  I...
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A quick update on Deadly Bones. Thanks to the Nook First pro­gram, the book hit sev­eral of the Best Seller lists at the Nook Store. As I write this, it was #38 over­all, and #8 inMys­tery, #5 in Crime Fic­tion, and #2 in Police Sto­ries. It’s also avail­able in...
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I know, I know. It’s a national holiday. A time to give thanks. A celebration of history, family, tradition, and other things I can’t think of at the moment. And I don’t dislike it at all—in fact, I have many lovely memories of Thanksgivings past.  But I’ve had a hectic few months, and I’m...