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I got to attend the annual Texas Book Festival  http://www.texasbookfestival.org/ again this year, last weekend. Some of the topics that interested me were: bringing the classics back, the importance of shared mythology whether it's about mermaids or DJs, genesis in the writing process or...
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I didn't have much of a strategy for attending the Texas Book Festival and discovered three new authors, just playing by ear: Becca Fitzpatrick, Carlin Romano and Michael Ennis. When I walked in on Becca Fitzpatrick's session, she was talking about the different characters in her series to her...
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The Book Doctors Book Report: Milking Goats, Army Dogs, & Rocking New Englandhttp://bit.ly/ufotPH
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Where do I begin to describe Austin, Texas? Quirky is one word, as evidenced by the ubiquitous slogan on t-shirts and signs that say "Keep Austin Weird." But what a vibrant, nutty, energetic, and fun place! Not only was the Texas Book Festival going on, taking up a ton of space on the Capitol...