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  The Sports Goons Jameyan Smith joins Phil to discuss statements Dwight Howard made about his former Orlando Magic teammates, Johnny Manziel and all the controversy surrounding him, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco and his new contract and the guys take a closer look at the New York...
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The Republican strategy for 2012 seems simple enough. It's a numbers game. They plan to flood the market. Set up an all- you- can- eat candidate buffet. If you don't like the potential nominee in front of you, try the next steam table. An appetizing aspirant is bound to bubble up. Or not. But...
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The recent inland hurricane (now being called a derecho) provides a background for life in Southern Illinois.  Carbondale alone lost over 3000 trees, and communities in five counties share similar losses.  Every roadside woods contain blown-over and uprooted trees in the midst of the surrounding...
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As I drove into the Shawnee National Forest on Tuesday, the pinkish purple blooms on the redbud trees brightened the still bare tall black-limbed trees all around them. The drive there had been stunning with the redbud at the height of its glory. Inside the forest, there were also a few scattered...