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Today I present Part 1 of a three-part quiz. I didn't create this challenge; rather, proofreader Ryoichi Chida brought it to my attention. The questions come from a difficult quiz called 日能研(にちのうけん) that 12-year-olds in Japan can take. Here are three clues: A. 「モモ」 B. 一朝一夕 C. 光陰矢のごとし...
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  Hey everyone out there . . . if you are friends with me on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, are you getting notifications that my blog posts are available? I have had some people call me and tell me that they are not getting the alerts. If you have time and you are getting my alerts, kindly...
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OK, I'm a bit of a slut for stuff like this. But I do like this one. Enter 1,000 words into this site and you will be informed about the strength of the prose. Sure, take it all with a grain or two of salt, but you will see some results which have worth. Maybe cut your verb usage down to size (I...
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  Life can’t be forgotten Wealth should be had but never be ill gotten Both are very difficult to carry on Still it must be lived on and won   Death can’t be cheated As it has something to do with us and related We may face it as ill fated Or enjoy it as highly rated   Each stage of...
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Have you ever come across a former ex or crush and wondered what life would've been like if you had ever gone down the path you wanted to go down originally? I came across a man I had a crush on a long time ago. He was with his girlfriend (something a gay man rarely wants to see) at a thrift store...
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Sooooooo..... Here's the deal. I've been messing around with versions of digital publishing, just sort of kicking the tires and test-driving various platforms and delivery methods. The current test involves the AMAZON KINDLE.  I have posted my story, RED/SHIFT, up for purchase in the Kindle store...
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 Spotted on the Gazebo: this test to find out whether you're left or right brained.http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0%2C21985%2C22556281-661%2C00.html Most folks I know see the dancer as going clockwise, but you can get her to go counter-clockwise if you keep your gaze left of her and watch...
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This is my first posting