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Two weeks ago I had one of those Murphy Law weeks where you wonder: geez, whom did I tick off to get all this bad karma? It started off when I went to a local library (not my normal Lafayette branch) to drop off a bag of books. The library clerk looked at my bag and snapped. “You should’ve called...
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Throughout the years, life presents us with many hurdles to overcome. I am sure everyone has encountered something that has pushed their buttons so hard to make them mega upset and discouraged that they just want to throw in the towel, bag it, chuck it all, yell hasta la vista, baby … well, you get...
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(Updated July 27th, 2012.) Our CEO, Ivory Madison, told me a story years ago about meeting Michael Uslan and how he inspired her. For an entire decade, every Hollywood studio told Uslan that no one would ever make a Batman movie—Batman was dead. But he believed in his childhood hero, in the power...
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  April 18   CLAW MARKS       There is a brackish river whose current changes direction twice a day.  Its bed is well washed on every side.  It begs the question: which way is downhill?  There are times I struggle uphill in both directions.  There are...
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I recall reading somewhere along the way that the terrible twos were the "first adolescence." Then came the teens, the time we most often link to the word adolescence. During both phases of my kids' passage through these stages of turmoil and tenacious defining of self, I bought books by the...
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For days on end a little titmouse has flown against the vaulted window in our front room. Starting at daybreak and returning again and again until nightfall, it seems to want entrance or passage –persistently undaunted by the fact that neither is obtainable. Trying to see from its point of view...
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So. In regards to Project Nameless that, to avoid the jinx, we will refer to as the TV Thing, contracts were signed and dropped off today.  We need a new word to describe a feeling that is both awesome and weird.  Weirsome just doesn't have the right zing.