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A novel can be read literally or figuratively and people like me who are looking for a realistic representation of life tend to take things literally and often overlook broader implications.  My first time through, The Great Gatsby seemed clumsy and hyperbolic, and I was distracted by the way...
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Enough said.  
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Buy a copy of Temptation from Amazon and email me your name and proof of purchase to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a signed copy of my thriller novels, I Thought We Were Friends, and Shipping and Deceiving. http://www.amazon.com/Temptation-Soul-Collection-Tina-deCoux/dp/1453891323/...
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Why don’t you have Indian breakfast? I don’t know what Indian breakfast is. Does it have a stamp? The cereal crunches in the bowl like dried leaves underfoot. Milk is not cold enough, not hot enough. Room temperature, we say. What is room temperature? It changes everyday. Brown and white mix...
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Tonight I’m supposed to go to my boyfriend’s, Bobby's, mother’s house.  I like going over there.  It’s in Eagle Rock, near my favorite Target.  But tonight, I’m not so sure about going over.  My boyfriend knows I have ice-cream issues and warned me that his mom has Breyer’s Cookies N’Cream in the...
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Maybe the greatest thing about writing a novel happens when you cross over into that trippy realm where everything you see and hear seems to fit eerily into your book: -Your fifteen year old nephew sends you a CD of his new band, "Hanging With Yoko" and you can't fucking believe it...