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I don't own a smart phone. In fact, my cell phone is so old, I have to connect with Clara the operator before placing a call ("Clara, I need you to get me Hank at the slaughterhouse. This can't be beef."). While my wife also has, for lack of a better term, a dumb phone, college freshman daughter...
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At 16 I’m shipped away to Boarding School for my sins.  The school is full of bright, gifted, spindled, folded, and mutilated teenagers, almost all of whom have been kicked of at least 1, if not several, other institutions of learning.  Believe me, I fit right in at Boarding School....
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Early on in my writing career, largely due to the influences of writers like Charles de Lint, Ursula Le Guin and Emma Bull, I really enjoyed writing coming-of-age stories with an urban fantasy angle  The late teenage years seems to me like a really good time to start a protagonist...
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We all know someone who has periodic times when they are moody, sulky maybe. Perhaps that person is us. When I was a teenager, I was constantly moody. My temperament went from severe depression to moments of elation (usually when I was climbing a tree, reading a good book nestled in the arms of my...
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       20,000 words are written!  
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Such a strange animal, indeed. Then again, my wife says she's just like me, so does that make me a deviant curio as well? Um, apparently yes, it does. The thing is, being compared to a thirteen-year-old girl is a little strange when you happen to reside in the meat suit of a fifty-year-old dude. I'...
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By the time I entered junior high, I had become so nervous a kid that each morning I began dry heaving the instant my feet hit the icy blue linoleum on my bedroom floor. I would purposely set the alarm clock a half hour early to allow me some privacy before my brothers awakened, ready to cause a...
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Photo: The Tree of Life movie poster, from it's Wikipedia site.  (See this film.  Roger Ebert, in this year's Sight & Sound poll, said it's one of the ten best ever made, world-wide.)   I must be a movie lover (technically called a cinephile) because:   1.  I sit...
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it's that time of year...for my perennial, untoppable "fruits-and-nuts" American-family culture clash Thanksgiving story: Spirit of the Season(ing)
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I was sitting at my desk, eating pineapple out of a plastic container when I received an email telling me that my friend John had died in an accident. We can never predict what thoughts will pierce our consciousness after being blindsided with such traumatic news, and I remember calmly...