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As we were walking toward the hall where he was giving a  reading, the poet Yehudah Amichai  (1924—2000) suddenly said  “I always feel so awkward  before readings, the students expect the writer of all those love poems, to be a great lover and here I am a short middle-aged...
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                Tomorrow, the New Statesman magazine is set to publish in full a poem by the late Ted Hughes, revealing the circumstances of the three days which led up to his American wife's death. The find comes in the wake of an announcement earlier this...
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How does reading about Barack Obama’s father shape world literature? Is the literary world a conglomerate that follows trends or patterns? Then, does it not oppose the very idea of creativity? In a poll conducted by the international writing magazine Wasafiri 25 writers were asked about the books...
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"How strange that we have to make these public declarations of our secrets,' said Ted Hughes in a letter to a friend, with reference to the publication of Birthday Letters, and in a British paper today is the headline 'The Healing Power of Putting Pen To Paper'. Creative types of all kinds--...