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       For many of us older—but not too old-- teachers/writers who can figure out a way to release ourselves from full-time teaching before the body starts to break down past the point of repair-- we’re often called back (the siren call of students we want to teach and...
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When I walked out of the library today, I suddenly felt like I used to as a kid:  amazed that for no money, they let me take out a pile of books.  It's like the thrill of stealing, without the bad juju of actual crime. While in the library, I relished the feeling of walking through...
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it's been a lively couple of days. :-) I've got the honor of going first for Outer Alliance's new guest blog feature, talking about "A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories" - http://blog.outeralliance.org/archives/891 This is modeled on Scalzi's Big Question posts and was really...
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Discovered this eye-opening book by the Taschen company, makers of amazing art books:  Cities of the World: 363 Engravings Revolutionize The View of the World which contains color plates of cities 1572 -1617.  It’s a gold-mine for the historical novelist (or the dreamer who wants to fall...
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3 July 2011 Every reading, workshop, conversation and meal in the Arab world always begins with someone or actually everyone noticing I suck at the pronunciation of Arabic. It is noticeable mainly because I immediately screw up names, particularly those which end in –ah. The writing cultivator...
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I accidentally agreed to read some first chapter submissions for a recent conference (or the conference organizer figured out I’m a Pisces and just pretended I agreed to it so I’d have to do it, which actually would work like a charm. Hmm… and that would be just like him, too.) This is not...
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In my poets in the schools work with 5th graders this fall, we spent more time than usually exploring the effects of point of view and pronouns--I, you, he, she.   We moved from personifying qualities-- Patience, Curiosity, Despair, Impatience, Wisdom--to becoming something outside ourselves--I am...
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I'll be doing a poetry reading and workshop this Saturday at our local independent bookstore, Carpe Librum.  I'm billing this as a wine-tasting also, to bring in a few people who might not otherwise dare to come out and play.   I know lots of  my poems by heart, but need to refresh and learn a few...
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If you teach creative writing at the secondary or elementary or high school levels, here's a great resource: www.readwritethink.org. It's full of ideas to inspire writing, lesson plans, and afterschool activities.
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A report on my first day leading a summer writing group that includes children having just finished third, fourth, and fifth grade. Our participants include two red haired sisters, Alex and Katie, two years apart, who are both very creative and articulate, two third grade boys, Colby and Jacob, who...