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The completely overhauled Columbine Instructor/Teacher's Guide is now up. It's free, and designed for college and high school Humanities courses. (Also see Columbine Student Guide, beta Columbine research site, Columbine intro video and Columbine book.) The instructor guide started last year as a...
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Any students, moms, teachers, cops, librarians or therapists on your list? They have really embraced Columbine. Also: dads, lawyers, EMTs, firemen, detectives, profs, and school administrators. Or anyone who loves an absorbing read. It may sound dark for Christmas, but people just want a great...
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The Columbine Student Guide is now complete. It's online and free. (The Columbine Teacher's Guide and Columbine Online are in beta, coming soon.) The idea came this spring, over weeks touring colleges and high schools, meeting thousands of students who had embraced the book. You guys really...