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Still, it's better than having your editor say "My DOG wouldn't eat your manuscript!" -- Earl Merkel
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When I was growing up, the expression was not to trust anyone over thirty.  If they were over thirty, they were the man, part of the system, the establishment.  I listened to the advice but didn't always take it.  Some people over thirty seemed very nice.  Besides, people older...
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We tend to think of metabolism in purely physiological terms.  I'd like to help you broaden your view of metabolism a bit.  I invite you to think of metabolism as information processing.  Let's take the act of eating, for example.  We can think of eating in purely...
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This is actually a repost. But I Skyped with my husband this morning. He is still in Uganda. And I remembered  being with him. MORNING JAZZ   Silky swirls of a soft saxophone fall across my shoulders and cause me to relax and link words together to string a necklace around the morning....
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A selection of interesting cheeses. Photograph: Foodfolio/AlamyWhich is the true king of cheeses? From Reblochon to Kraft slices, our writers rhapsodise about their favourite cheeses. Join in with your own hymn of praise   This weekend's great British cheese festival crowned ...
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As a writer and cultural historian, I am an obsessive collector of images, ancient and modern. My Mac contains a database of well over 10,000 images. I am fascinated by photos of historical value and iconic cultural significance.  Matthew Brady [1822-1896], famed recorder of the Civil War, is...
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The time eventually comes - often not even bidden - for everything. So, yesterday, I put an end to something I had been carrying around with me (figuratively and literally) for decades. The time had arrived to consume my bottle of Récolte 1981, vin des Côtes du Rhône, Girondas, Domaine St....
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What does it take to dislodge undigested assumptions? I'm thinking of the worlds of education, art, and finance, but I got there via Thanksgiving. There can be a claustrophobic quality to Thanksgiving dinner (apart from being stuck at table with an army of seldom-seen relatives). Often, there are...
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   Most people get sick from the same thing over and over again. Especially from colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses. You probably have yourself.   Whenever you get sick or become permanently sick, the taste in your mouth changes. Whatever the illness you have, it has a distinctive taste...
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Dear Readers: I'm excited that my talk for The Field in New York—"Why America Needs Artists (It's Not What You Think)"—will be live-streamed online at 7 pm EDT on Monday, 27 September, 2010. Please click on this link to log on. If you miss it live, it will be archived for later viewing....