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photo: The Oscar statuette, or the Academy Award, but actually officially called the Academy Award of Merit, from Oscars.com.   Not too much to say about this award show.  I saw most of the nominated films, including:   Prometheus, which I can't believe I never wrote a blog for....
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Photo: The Golden Globe   A few quick things about the [see title]:   --Yes, I can be a big fan of football games and yet still watch the Golden Globes.  (In fact, I was told recently that I know the sport perhaps a little too well.)  One of my favorite high school memories...
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I just read this, quoted by Roger Ebert on Twitter. It's by Quentin Tarantino: "When I'm writing a movie, I hear the laughter. People talk about the violence. What about the comedy? 'Pulp Fiction' has such an obviously comic spirit, even with all the weird things that are happening. To me, the most...
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Photo: Movie poster from its Wikipedia page   Any Tarantino flick is worth seeing, and this one is no exception.  Though worth seeing, however, I can't say it was on par with his latest and greatest.  In fact, this one was the biggest disappointment for me since Jackie Brown....
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Photo: Sydney, Australia, celebrating New Year's Day in 2007, from "New Year's Day" page on Wikipedia.   Really simple blog entry this time: Happy New Year to all my readers, and to anyone who happens to stumble in.  Here's to better health, better happiness, better times.   And...
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Photo: (Top) Title page of the First Edition, 1850, from the book's Wikipedia page. Photo: First Editions, from flavorwire.com.   I have a lot of little things to say about this--about its plot, themes, images, metaphors and writing--so let's just bullet them:   --There was a stretch...
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I am please to announce that actor Michael Madsen will play the lead character, James DeRossa, from my mystery novel Deathryde: Rebel Without a Corpse.  I'm in discussions with studios at this time and rewriting the original script.