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Three squirrels,One after the other,After the other. Branch To Branch,Tree To Tree! Outside my windowThis winter morning,Their game of tag. January 2014: Mindful Writing Challenge
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It would have been better known Outside the world as pearl but hidden Well below and so deep buried inside sea belt Its presence still in infancy and not felt   Likewise little girl may not be noticed Until she has come up with age and promised Flowered with sweet words and proclaimed Beloved...
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Yes, I'm back thinking and posting, and I blame Red Room as well as myself.  It's a chain, a chain of reaction, a chain of existence. My part is easily articulated as being curious and impulsive, expressing my thinking by writing. Red Room's part in the blame is in the tags. You must enter a...
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Climbing To The Top - A Search Engine's Perspective http://gr5mom2.wordpress.com/ To ‘conquer all obstacles' and get your site climbing higher in those search engines, you must be prepared to do some work. Sure, establishing a readership so those hits magnify in numbers is important, but now...
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  1. I like number 1. 1 is the numerical foundation upon which all the others stand. Some quibble about this, and say that zero is the genius of numbers. I say that you can have one without the other. 2. I like 2 - it means there is always time for tea. 3. Ah, the trine. Wholly functional to one...
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Hi all,  I have agreed to participate in a game of mutating tag with some author friends of mine.   Check it out at:   http://jetaylor75.blogspot.com/  Hope you enjoy the Q&A!