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It's 5 am and once again I am up...and here it is vacation!  I should be enjoying the time to sleep in, but noooo......we have a critter waking us up.  We are pretty sure it's a squirrel because it sounds "big".  It starts chewing on something and that's disturbing.  We live in a motor...
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I recently researched various author's websites to generate ideas for me to revamp my site.  Along the way, I discovered some new authors and now have their books listed on my wishlist at Fictionwise.  It was entertaining and productive.  Here's the url to my website:  www.jameshoch.com   I created...
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Happy Thanksgiving!  Just finished all the editing on my end for "Reveka's Return," and sent it to publisher, SynergEbooks.com   This book is the first in a series titled, The Crimson Pursuit.  I am a good way into book 2, "Reveka's Revenge."  I want to try some new things...
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Over the weekend, I tweaked the cover of book 2 in my series "The Crimson Pursuit."  SynergEbooks posted it on the Coming Soon page.  Book one, "Reveka's Return" will be released soon...hopefully, next month.  I have a book trailer for "Reveka's Return" on Blazing...