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The Madonna of the Future is a longish short story whose resonance right now is audible, at the least.  The story is an account of an American who has fallen in love with Florence and haunts it as he studies its art--notably Raphael's Madonna of the Chair in the Uffizi Gallery--and prepares...
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Astrologers knew something was going to blow. With Pluto (destruction) and Uranus (sudden shocks) facing each other off in their first exact square, the energy field felt like it was scattered with gunpowder. Mars (guns) would provide the spark. Those who follow the US (Sibly) chart have been...
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(Those who are coming to this serialized story for the first time, you can read the complete opus to date by clicking here.) In the previous post, I wrote about the snake left on my doorstep. I was sure my grandfather-in-spirit had placed it there. I realized that one of the songs he’d “channeled”...
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(Those who are coming to this serialized story for the first time, you can read the complete opus to date by clicking here.) “Books, films, a musical – wow!” exclaimed People magazine about me in 1978.  I had become enough of a personage to be a People, with the paperback version of my novel...
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You might be a writer if... Side effects. There are good ones and bad ones. Second hand smoke, not so good. Oxygen, good. Did you know that writers emit their own side effects? And I don't just mean books.  You might be a writer if...your family suffers from symbolismus. Analogisia. Or,...
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      May the winged heart of Valentine's brilliant desires spin your sobs into songs, weave your dreams into blood-thick truth, and lift your broken soul into diamond-bright flights of a joy-blessed fulfillment... and love-astonished wonder. by Aberjhani ©text & art Feb 2011
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On a table near my bed rests a feather.  It is a talisman of the finest kind, delivered to me in the way such wonders should --- by chance, discovered when most needed.  A feather snared in tall dry grasses, a symphony of browns and earth, appearing at my feet.  A symbol from an anonymous donor,...
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It is a sick idea for hordes of Australians to tuck into chicken tikka to express solidarity with the 30 victims of racial attacks that have taken place since May last year. They even had a name for this one-day project: ‘Vindaloo Against Violence’. Victoria Premier John Brumby got all sagacious...
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A couple of days after he had drawn women’s undies, Silvio Berlusconi looked like someone back from battle. The two events may not be connected, but it is interesting to find some connection. Milan, December 13: At a political rally the Italian Prime Minister is left with a fractured nose, two...
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 14  “This wicked and perverse generation seeks after a sign, but I tell you that no sign will be given to this generation… except the sign of Jonas (Jonah) the prophet…”  Jesus of Nazareth of the Gospels The sign of Christianity has been historically...