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  I don’t really like to talk about the Great Marshmallow Peanut Incident of 7 Years Old, but for the sake of journalism the events will be related here. As a young kid with a Sweet Tooth the size of my head, it was impossible to resist any opportunity to buy and eat candy. Perhaps you can...
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We all have quirks. Some of us obsess over little things, have insomnia, insecurities, addictions... nobody's perfect... we all have flaws... blah, blah, blah. Try going without sugar for a month and see what happens. Read your labels and be honest with yourself. I'm not big on sugar, I seem to do...
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  August 28   PUBLIC PRIVACY       My public privacy is protected by my smile not my scowl.  Maintaining boundaries as I travel the common areas of life is more readily accomplished by a pleasant demeanor than a dark stare.  I have used negative attitude and found...
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The festival season is in full swing, with Diwali (Deepavali, in the south) now upon us. Deepa in Sanskrit means ‘light’ and avali means 'a row', and all of India is ablaze with fireworks, candles, and oil lamps. The lights recall how villagers set out diyas to guide Rama home after vanquishing...
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  Today is my grandfather's birthday. He would've been ninety-three years old. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him in some way.             I've mentioned in other blogs that when my parents separated, my mother needed to finish college to be competitive in the job market. My grandparents...
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Today my friend Lilly-Marie is coming over. She’s bringing gifts and brownies. This proved to be a quandary because my mother was going to make brownies. Then I realized we needed to go back to another favorite desert. Ladies and gentlemen, I salute the cupcake!             I love cupcakes. I don’t...