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My 2012 and 2013 talks at the Torrance CA library have been very well attended, with over 100 each time.  The audiences are involved and interested in the topics of the two books I discussed, Sweet and Sour, about the history of Chinese restaurants  in 2012, and Chopsticks in the Land of...
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       I'll be speaking in Portland, Oregon  about my Sweet and Sour book, a social history of Chinese restaurants at 5:30 p.m. in the Oregon Department of Transportation Building, 123 N. Flanders, Portland at a free event on May 3 to raise funds for scholarships for...
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Flavor and Fortune, Jacqueline M. Newman's authoritative but readable quarterly journal on cultural, nutritional, and gastronomical aspects of Chinese food, published a nice review of my book, Sweet and Sour. on Chinese family restaurant history.
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This was an opportunity for me to present a different kind of talk about "Sweet and Sour,' and the social history of Chinese family restaurants at a different type of venue and audience. My past audiences for this book have consisted of Chinese who had some direct experience with Chinese...
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I was fortunate to have nice weather and warm audiences for 3 book talks about Chinese family restaurant history in 4 days in the area where I spent my adolescence and college years after moving from Georgia. It was wonderful to see, and recognize, friends from my youth whom I had not seen for '...
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I enjoyed the opportunity to meet, and eat, with the delightful group known as the Assn of Chinese Cooking Teachers at their annual potluck as well as present a talk about "Sweet and Sour: Life in Chinese Family Restaurants." along with my friend and contributor, artist Flo Oy Wong.  We...
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There is nothing to blog about. Nothing but the wind and the rain and the defiant Sumac tree as it braces itself against the gale. You will mellow soon Sumac tree and I will stand in the magical brink of late Fall and sip in your beauty and I will want to freeze frame your yellow and orange hues....