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Wow! Sometimes I’m so stupid I scare myself…   I’ve done television before, but it was health news. I know it looks fun, but it is work. An army of people labor mightily –- not just the cast, but the crew. I learned long ago that the crew makes you or breaks you.   I wrote the books,...
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    Photo: Jackson asleep on the couch.  A colleague said he looked "angelic" in this picture.  True dat.  What can you say when your dog is more photogenic than you are?   Been away for awhile again, this time because my dog's been very ill, to the extent that I...
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photo: The Salvation Army shield, from its Wikipedia page   I had a successful yard sale this past Saturday.  I very impulsively decided to have one for many reasons psychological and emotional, but in the end it came down to needing more space in here.  I'm fortunate to live in...