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Alex Rodriquez appeals his 211 game suspension, the Oakland Athletics are struggling, Texas misses Nelson Cruz and the Memphis Grizzlies only have 14 Nationally televised games this season. Please join host Phil Naessens and guests Atletics Nation lead writer Alex Hall and Grizzly...
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Photo: The Golden Gate Bridge, in an aerial view, from the bridge's Wikipedia page.  Click it; it's a great pic.   I've been trying to read books lately with a writer's eye, so that I could learn what makes successful (defined here as published; maybe also as respected and/or successful...
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Tonight Phil is joined by The Sports Goons Jameyan Smith and the topics are Bobby Valentine, Melky Cabrera, Michael Kaye, a rundown of the standings in the National and American Leagues, the Dwight Howard trade and why Phil believes the New York Knicks will win 55 games in 2013 good enough for a...
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As I typed in “Gallup Poll” in my search engine, I had an almost childlike excitement as I awaited the results. John McCain’s recent “determination” to resolve our country’s recent financial crisis and “ suspension” of his campaign to make it a top priority has turned my stomach enough to assume...