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Chasing Victory is a delightful debut novel by first-time author Joanne Jaytanie. Our beautiful protagonist, Victory Winters, is a veterinarian and geneticist specializing in molecular biology for Claremont Research in Poulsbo, Washington. She also has a special innate ability she keeps...
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I was doubtful when I picked up Khost for review. I’d never read a military horror novel before, though I’ve always been a big fan of the first two Alien movies. The Alien movies are military science fiction, so I thought that perhaps the two genres would be similar....
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Once again author Rudy Mazzocchi ventures into the shadowy world of controversial medical technologies. In his first thriller, Equity of Evil, the author revealed a dark world involving abortion, human trafficking and organ cultures. In this his latest instalment and 2nd book in the...
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 An excerpt from THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE, book two in the Belinda Lawrence mystery series. This is the setting in Winchester, Hampshire.   Reverend Lawson made his way past Winchester Cathedral. The bus had deposited him safely at his destination and his indignation towards the...
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I'm happy to announce my new historical romantic suspense e-book novel is now out and available from Amazon and soon, Barnes & Noble. When I wrote it, I didn't think too much of the genre since I planned it to be a romance and historical since it takes place in 1888, but the suspense part came...
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An Extract from CAPABLE OF MURDER - A Belinda Lawrence Mystery. This is the setting in Bath Abbey, Somerset. Late afternoon found Belinda in Bath. She bought some food for her supper and as she scurried across the Abbey Churchyard, the rain eased and faint rays of sunlight lit up the facade of...
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Well, unknown to me. Well, in regard to writing it. Watching is another story. I've watched criminal dramas like my life depends on it for years. I never tried writing anything macabre or suspenseful until tonight.  I am surprised at how easily it comes. That in itself is frightening. Within...
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Show Me by William Wilde -  A  woman is menaced by an obsessed, dangerous voyeur watching everything she does. Now at Amazon Kindle.
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Anne K. Edwards has authored and coauthored books in several different genres, from children’s books to mystery to speculative fiction. Currently, Anne is working on a new mystery novel, second in the “Death” series, to follow Death on Delivery. She’s here today to talk about her latest...
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  ***** Mystery writing at its very best. March 24, 2013 By John J. Alaimo Format:Kindle Edition  I became an avid fan of Brian Kavanagh after reading this, his first novel. Like all successful writers of mystery books, he immerses you in another time and place and nothing is ever what it...