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Well. Take a look at the cover adorning my new short story collection Exceptions & Deceptions. (Click on image to view larger version) Let's see Random House or St. Martin's come up with anything nearly as beautiful and evocative. Thanks to artist Joslyn Cain for allowing us to use her original...
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POET ON PAINTING?AMY KINGPosted on October 16th, 2012   Authors on Artists: Amy King on Leonor Fini, Leonora Carrington, and Frida KahloPaint Is the Abyss’ Law, Living the Accent: Marginalia on Absorption   Paint Is the Secretion of Scene on Leonor Fini’s Set    I...
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The second issue of Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism, "Valuable Estrangements," is on its way. You can subscribe at http://www.wordcraftoforegon.com/pd.html for $15 postage paid. This is a fantastic issue of fabulist work. Sixteen fiction pieces were selected from 550 submissions and our...
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“That’s what inspires me — people still at work, and dreaming.” READ MORE AT VIDA:  WOMEN IN LITERARY ARTS (CLICK HERE)
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My new book, The Big Game, a translation of Surrealist Benjamin Péret's Le grand jeu, landed in my carport two days ago.  I looked at the gleaming gorgeous cover--a Man Ray photograph of  Péret--and laughed and fell in love all over again.  I couldn't open the book though, because I knew I would...
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A minor miracle--production has been speeded up on my new book of translation of Surrealist Benjamin Péret's The Big Game (Le grand jeu.)   He was André Breton's best friend, and an uncompromising life-long Surrealist.  When I started translating him, he acted like a squirrel, but once I got to...
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I really enjoy surrealism. Here's my latest in short story form, "The View From Over Here," published in The Battered Suitcase, Summer, 2011: http://vagabondagebookscom.ipage.com/bookstore/
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   Reading of Heidegger's Glasses.  I hope there will be a lively discussion about the power of group minds, the novelistic aspect of WWII and "Heidegger" question.  And--if there's time--the role of the fairy tale in modern life. There will be wine and cheese afterwards.  ...
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The Scribes have returned from the Hammer reading and are happy to go back to Los Angeles this Tuesday. They liked the surprising summer, the palm trees, the sun at 5 o'clock winter angles--but stil shining. They were enhralled by the tawdriness of cafes in Venice and the...
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I love automatic writing.  Putting pen to paper with no advance planning, no preconceptions, just letting the words flow.  I've referred to the resulting efforts as "seismographs of the unconscious" and I think that's pretty accurate.  I'm often astonished at the insights the poems and...