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Feels really weird getting a note from someone in the midst of reading the e-book version of my short story collection Exceptions & Deceptions...and I still haven't received a physical proof of the book! Is it just me? Any other authors out there still stuck, technologically speaking, around...
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My collection, Exceptions & Deceptions is now available on Kindle and, shortly, as an e-book. The print edition won't be out for another two weeks.  Ain't technology a wunnerful thing? Click here for a look at all of the stuff I have available on Kindle (and super-cheap, I may add). Spend...
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Forcing rhythm  Am I In vanishing point I am decompressing Lonely Sober Trenching Albatross oily mino empty Hasty attitude  Voices galloping  Instruments noisy Am I reaching altitude Running Square Nervous Stoned In retreat Stepping on glass Am I reaching bottom level Laying Flat...
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  I’m dancing with light figures I’m loose I’m way up in the Northern region Where coffee tastes like chocolate Sputtering breasts of birds chirping Smoking coats on curb corners Layout ever-bursting white shadows on grey walls Parallel Walls stand on flat land rest under snow spread sky dust...
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Flailing about, like a sputtering firework Resisting it’s explosion Feeling temptation, I run away  Listening sideways To the most important facts Inhaling exhaust  From the highway on No nurture, no wait Head on collision was my fate Stopped dead in time Forgot what I was after Or who...
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My favorite poem of all time is Lawrence Raab's "Attack of the Crab Monsters". This poem has been my favorite for more than 20 years, surpassing even my Sharon Olds crush. It has everything that belongs in the perfect poem (I think): a sense of humor, a sense of context -- it is based...
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Just added one of my most anthologized and best known stories to my blog.  A tale that appeared in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (thank you, Ellen Datlow) and leads off my 1997 short story collection The Reality Machine.  Just letting folks download and read it for absolute nada.  As in nada...
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           It has been said that when you read a good writer the world, for that moment, can seem no other way. Crime and Punishment is imbued with Dostoyevsky’s Russia. Had Tolstoy written  Crime and Punishment, we would have visited a different Russia. Had Babel written it, we would have entered...
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Here in China surreal becomes real, and the real escapes reality.
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