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All phenomenology is just life of skin: the inner-outer dynamics of whatever is. Skin of Being
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I controlled my passion but could not Tears forcefully contained but rolled outI have strong will but failed this timeAttachment is such relation you fail sometimes I had beautiful times good momentsI used to wait for him and remain present He will sure come and close in To embrace...
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The other side of fifty, Seems like a dangerous place,Where no one will appreciate, My lack of "pretty face."And oh, the fear of aging, On which I contemplate,Rears its ugly head, To decide for me my fate.And what about my body, When it's not so taut and lean?Will I find that I've...
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1.I looked into you as long as I could:But I didn't see any infinity.It’s just not there.I’m sorry.You are all here.2.Zen is all surface,No deeper than whatever is. pavel, skating the thin ice of presence
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And the house is all cosy and lit with candles and the tree is regal and the food is good. And I thank the table and those at it and weep a  tear for times past, for the ghosts that haunt me, the ones that persist in knocking on my door at this time of year. What do I do? I welcome them in. I say...