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  Outside my window, A feathered soprano. Sunrise concert.  
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  January 22     Lathhouse       I want to face the sun.  I want to stand and the wind to blow.  I want the rain uninterrupted on my head.  I want to remain upright and unburnt, to prevail amidst it all.  Tender stalks and verdant leaves frustrate...
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The fog was thick and gray,like my thoughts. So far I had been able to push the darkness aside,to carry on, despite the chaos. The fog reminded me that being wrapped up inside the problemscreated by others could cause me to miss the beauty hidden behind the clouds. As I sat at a traffic light I saw...
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The sun is sinking low in the western sky, on a perfect track with the road I live on that runs in a straight line from east to west.  This is the time of year that folks around here usually keep snow boots and shovels in our cars in anticipation for yet another snow storm, but the temperature...
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Daylight Savings Time and Mondays always bring me- trouble! Is there a connection between the start of Daylight Savings Time and the increase of chaos? Today was a day of chaos and general craziness. Being plunged back into darkness at six a.m, seemed to put everyone in a daze. I was stumbling...
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Snow tide falls sunlight blushes water on, feed the cats, pet the fur, talk talk talk oatmeal honey out cinammon nuts and berries read the headlines read the emails muse muse muse  
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Whimsical dreams- come to me when I least expect them.   Dancing in the summer rain, catching fireflies in the dark.   Skinny dipping under a full moon, eating dessert first.   Watching the sunrise on a mountain top, sharing one perfect cup of coffee.   Riding my bicycle...
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  A gibbous moon crowns the fading indigo of the sky overhead, but the massive, reflective expanse of the lake mutes all other lights in the sky except Jupiter, low and yellow in the west.  To the east, the sawtooth of pines that defines the peninsula that juts into Lake Superior like a...
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The little hill obscured by vegetation at the center of this photo is a kame. The small conical hills dot the landscape of northern Kettle Moraine. They are the result of melting glaciers. As the Ice Age receded, holes formed in the surface of the glaciers and sediment was carried down through the...
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It is strange that the mind will forget so much and yet keep alive a memory of flowers that have been dead for thirty years or more. Garden fresh gardenias, fragrant, pristine and white. You could not help falling in love with its delicate fragrance as it spread across the room while I played the...