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Sunlight | Sunlight

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Fragile web in sight Spider busy through the night Morning light just right
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Sunlight streams  through through beveled windows~ creating tiny rainbows  that dance across  the dark oak floors. Kitty is curled in the window seat, one eye on the cardinal perched in the dogwood tree calling to his mate. © annettealaine-2013
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I wondered what to pay attention to this morning, going here and there, across town and home again.  People? The radio? The weather?  Ideas? No.  It was sunlight. I noticed as I turned onto the main street traversing Monterey that the day's palette of colors was coolly silver with tones of blue and...
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  There goes the day, below the gaudy sun.  They go, together, quietly sweeping up bits and pieces of lingering questions and half-formed thoughts.  Now comes twilight and then night.  It seems a pity to end in desultory colors a day of such beauty, one that breathed cool whispers, implied...
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Everything is glistening today.  Colors are shouting out loud. Finally, after a long period under the cold blandness of coastal fog, the sun is cavorting across the heavens with diamonds blazing at her feet. Summer has largely bypassed us in terms of heat and languor.  No, we have had to plan road...
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The bay is cerulean blue and has slopping waves at its edges.  You can feel there is fog out there a few miles offshore, but the sun is leaning against it with riches and glory.  Fog is skulking somewhere, sending a scurrying little breeze in to shore to scout a path inland, but it will be much...
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Weeding is a delicate operation and requires much devotion to peering down into the soil to decide what is a weed and what is not. I weed the potato bed with such intensity because I am not confident if the growth I deem to be a weed is in fact a young potato plant.I must be cautious. Still, I...
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The sun has moved closer into us. I saw it from the kitchen window this evening. It brought succour, a sense of what is to come. There was something positive in the way I had to bend the yellow venetian blind, just a tad, to block out the glare. Something that told me all was going to be well and...