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At some early age it entered my head that perhaps everyone around me was in on a secret. That I was the only one that thought as I do, and that even my parents were putting me on, big time.  I worried that I was not a "normal" person.  It happened again to some extent when I was 13 years...
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Or, so said Saint Francis. Rumi, the Sufi poet put it slightly differently, “What you seek is seeking you.” And, Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom.” So, what is the Kingdom? It is not the Church. Not heaven either. Are you disappointed? Don't be.  What the Kingdom actually is…is better...
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There are a lot of reasons why I respect my 19-year-old daughter’s moral compass and one of them is her years at the United Church of Lincoln Sunday School here in Lincoln, Vermont. It was that hour she spent after church week after week over the course of a decade with such teachers as Lorraine...
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Well, Judas has been published here, finally. I'm printing a copy to take to my Sunday School. I have also written a new blog post, and many things on Protagonize. www.wellintentionedindecision.blogspot.com www.protagonize.com/author/ElshaHawk I am reading The Host my Stephanie Meyer, and trying...