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He's cute, he's likeable, he's inoffensive, and like everyone else out there who has surprise fame or stardom, he earned it. Talent aside, some of our biggest stars have something that sets them apart, making them shine beyond the screen and airways. If you asked Dakota Fanning or Justin Timberlake...
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Justin Bieber’s success began when he became I pop sensation, in 2009.Biber posted videos, which his mother posted on Youtube and he has a large number of fans who like what they saw about him and his songs. His mania began when his new album My World 2.0 was released. Many people are still...
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     Don't you hate it when someone asks, "What's your IQ?"      One's IQ (intelligence quotient) is merely a number somebody had to figure out a formula to arrive at, and then later pat themself on the back for their personal ingenuity. Nicely done,... oh inventor of statistics that...
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I spend a lot of time advising writers not to let rejection get them down. But today, I am offering a difference bit of advice on the same subject. Instead of thinking of ways to ignore the sting is failure, let's try learning how to celebrate successes-- no matter how small. Have you noticed the...
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The challenge has gone out at Red Room to try and get a grip on the insane amount of success, or is it fame?, the pop singer, Justin Bieber, a mere 16 year-old, has risen to in just over a year's time.  Those of my generation are shaking their heads. Justin who? How? What?  Me, I'm a children's...
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"Visualize this thing you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin." Robert Collier   Focus oriented in the right direction is one of the fundamental tools necessary to overcome. If you think it sounds too easy and simple to be true, think again. Many...
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Naomi sent me a message. She asked: “What I would like to know, is when you are trying to get a paid gig online, how do you find out if it is legitimate? And if they refuse to pay you at some point, what can be done about that. Most of us cannot afford a literary lawyer, since they are so expensive...
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This is the time of year when I begin prepping my speeches and lectures for the fall.  Some of these are on topics related to writing and creativity; but others I write for those who don't generally have the luxury of sitting down for any length of time and thinking about how they might...
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I was inspired by a brief article entitled The Function of Failure by Dr. Cheryl Lentz (RefractiveThinker.com). Dr. Cheryl's basic premise in this wise and succinct piece is "fail faster to succeed sooner." Her allegory stars an imaginary plumber by the name of Peter. We are aghast that...
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is in the eye of the Successor.