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I made a pact with myself at the beginning of the year that I would dedicate this year to moving from a writer with a tepid appetite for rejection to one that faces it and welcomes it with open arms.  It’s not that I have a tall pile of rejection slips to hide behind.  Rather, the thought...
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As a former editor of Primavera, a literary journal, I understand how time-consuming it is to correspond with authors who submit manuscripts.  I spent a lot of time writing detailed personal letters to authors before e-mail was widespread.  I even got thank-you letters for my rejection notes...
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What's the most productive way to behave while waiting to hear back from the agent (or editor) reading your ms?     Call his or her office every day and whine.    Send daily emails asking, "Did you read it yet?"    Fire off a huffy note about all the really important editors (or agents)...