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Putting the writing day on pause again after another terrific session. Both yesterday and today boomed with words and scenes flowing out of me.  I was writing like crazy.  Hope to hell they make sense.  I just tried typing as fast as I could to keep up.  I've noticed sometimes...
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If you’re a struggling writer, or have often pictured such a pitiful specimen of humanity, you likely have in mind a footloose type (and here I’m singling out the male of the species), long of hair, unkempt clothes, cigarette between first two fingers of one hand, typing on a shabby computer in a...
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This is the blog of a struggling writer, not a well established, previously published, my book tour is so hectic blog.  Rather, it's a place for me (see name above) to write about my process of being a struggling writer in all its glory, gory details.  The plethora of MFA programs has made my...