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My publisher said it would be a good idea to start a blog so my readers could get to know me better. So, I started this blog with no real vision in mind. I thought I would speak my mind. I've just been posting random thoughts that I have, but I quickly realized that I don't know what to write about...
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Life, walking up a long, long hill. You can't see the top, you often can't even see the path before you.   You trip, you stumble, you fall. Your feet hurt, your heart aches, and your down in the dumps.   You sit and curse the darkness, your aloneness, and your lack of faith.   Once...
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Things are beginning to look up. A few false starts, a couple of U-turns and we are finally headed in the right direction. We were often brash and  arrogant. False in our assumption that our way was the only way to go. We got lost and struggled to right our leaky, boat. Lashing out...
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Take the most forgotten of people. The woman in the red coat at the checkout in the store in the queue ahead of me. I don't notice her at first. Until the delay in her transaction takes over that is. She appears distracted. Apparently it is her second time at the checkout because she had forgotten...
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Obstacles and enemies can do us the biggest favors by defining our stances. Our lives are defined by our struggles, not by what we already have. Take away a person’s struggles and you take away much of the person.
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Too many love stories I’ve read depict a brief encounter, a love that needn’t last, so not much is asked of it. Audrey Niffenegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” gave me a much more familiar perspective of enduring love. Although Clare and Henry meet, marry, start a family on much the same calendar...
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When you’re single, you’d better pick your shade of crazy. Why go for fiery red crazy when you’re melancholy blue? But, then again you never know, fiery red crazy might just be what melancholy blue needs. How about moss green mellow? Would she go crazier with a bright yellow fellow? He’d irritate...
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It is hard for me to think about anything except for the struggles of the Japanese people right now.
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On my 2010 short list of women who should be in Santa's "nice column are Rachael Chong, a professional financier who founded a non-profit to link professionals with other non-profit organizations that would benefit from skilled volunteer support, Elizabeth Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Jessica...
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This is a great article from the Wall Street Journal called “Story Time: The Heck with looking foward. There’s value in looking back.”  It is about the wisdom of telling stories from the past to younger family members as “a deft way to transmit lessons about life while strengthening generational...