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Ouch. For the past three weeks, these poor guys have been bloodied. They've been battered and bludgeoned. They've been abused more than a dog whose tag is etched, "Property of the Romney Family. If found, please hose off and return." The National Football League Referees Association has been...
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Bread & Roses: "The Singing Strike" Centennial Celebration in Los Angeles Next Sunday I'm going to do read poetry at Bread & Roses "The Singing Strike" Centennial Celebration 1912-2012- with song, spoken word and filmA Benefit for the Garment Worker Center & the United Service Workers...
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  An Act with resentment   I cried to my full strength and wept It surfaces as night mare as I sobbed and kept All emotions under check and tried to regain What had happened for causing enormous pain?   As it happens in normal cases Love needs no trial or mad chase It comes with the...