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Photo: Brown University's University Building, built in 1770.  From Brown University's Wikipedia page.   A few quick things:   --It's my birthday, and I need some lovins.  Cuz I'm old.   --Having a writers group meeting at my house tomorrow between 5pm and whenever....
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Maybe Vonnegut's tongue was wedged into his cheek - maybe not. But who can not 'Oo' & 'Aw" at his description of Kafka. I did. "Oooooooo. "Ahhhhhhh."   So it goes.   It’s a pessimistic story.     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Kurt Vonnegut at the Blackboard   I want...
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“All my best thoughts were stolen by the ancients.” 
―Ralph Waldo Emerson Hmmm.  What do I write? I have nothing to write.  Everything has already been said.  Every story has been told.  Every new character has been created.  There is not a romance or a mystery that hasn't...
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Even when writers stare into the empty space before them, they are still working.  It is because, as writers, we are always in our minds.  The games of make believe that many played as children; we never ceased playing.  While others' interests turned to the practicality of medicine...
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I once was a shell of onion dust, littered to the side street sidewalk, pecked at by pigeons. Until you one day, kicked me into a wall, decided to pick me up, and put me in your pocket.  You took me home, scrubbed me clean, polished me ‘till I shined an iridescence.  You liked me.  ...
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This post was inspired by a thread in the AbsoluteWriters forum. It really hit home with me, since I've had my own experience. It went something like this: Where do I begin? How do I begin? Over the last year I've had three fans, four counting my publisher, compare my book, Planet Janitor...
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I think we may be the only people with a Christmas tree still standing, lights on, in our living room. Everyone else has packed away the festive decorations. Not me, the skeptic. I won’t take them down just yet. As the twelfth day of Christmas, The Feast of the Epiphany, Little Christmas, Three...
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This is an abridged excerpt from my unpublished novel, A LOST GOSPEL. "A Lost Gospel" deals with unicorns and God. In this segment, Glarus of the Mountains recounts her meeting with Jesus shortly after his birth. In the novel, unicorns are the conduit between our "reality' and The Otherworld....
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Remember to be thankful for other, perhaps more subtle, things about yourself.  Don't just focus on family, friends, food and shelter.  For example, without my story and novel writing ability, I would get into A LOT more trouble than I do.
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Ah, the holidays. They're all about family and togetherness and the spirit of friendship and generosity and— Oh, who are we kidding? The holidays are about buying too much and eating too much and spending too much time with the people you love who drive you ever so crazy. Families at holiday...