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I've recently taken on two new office assistants. Ben is the white collar guy, while Jerry's partial to stripes. They live with our neighbors, but they like to help me out during the day.As you can see, the two working together provide great inspiration: Go Take A Nap. And when the words aren't...
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The first time I went to see "Pan's Labyrinth" I was blown away. This was one of the true dark fairy tales, the ones that ruled my European childhood. That faun was no tame creature who came to perch on Disney's sweet porch. This was the elemental creature in whom I could, I would, I did...
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The North Korean capture and Clinton-assisted release of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee brought a compelling human element into a conflict that many Americans know little about. I’m a Korean-American novelist who also paid scant attention to the North Korean regime until Ling and Lee’s 140-day...
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    As a Veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence, I feel compelled to dedicate  my last post (the end of chapter 16 in the NaNo Wrimo) to all veterans wherever they may be. Please keep in mind also, that should this book be published, the entire story is dedicated to our Current Active Military where...
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  This is a Halloween story that originally appeared in moonShine Review. It was also reprinted in the Chapel Hill News.  Web Invasion    Webs first took up residence inside the yard, coating bushes and grass in an autumnal veil. The spiders weren’t visible in daylight. They worked at night....
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I've been thinking a lot about how writers see the world. Recently on Facebook, a writer I really, really admire (the extraordinary Rhian Ellis, who wrote After Life, which I've written about here before) was telling me how she had been arrested for protesting some white supremacists in her...
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     I've never tried it before, but the idea of tackling a story in the world of science fiction is now becoming more than an idea. I found a place yesterday that is looking for short stories and if they accept the one I'm writing, will sell it as an ebook on Amazon. So I began writing a story...
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Diary Cows by Ronald Koertge Got up early, waited for the farmer He hooked us all to the machines as usual. Typical trip to the pasture, typical day grazing and ruminating. About 5:00 back to the machines.  What relief!   Listened to the radio during dinner. Lights out at 7:00. More tomorrow...
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     From as far back as I can remember I have been told from my parents, leaders, teachers, and instructors that "there is a right way and wrong way to go about things." After a time, I taught myself that it is better to let them believe they are right, than to argue the point. And so, I...
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"My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel--it is, before all, to make you see.  That--and no more, and it is everything."  --Joseph Conrad