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Writing is a comforting activity.  Blog posting is more about understanding myself and the world, and venting, releasing the darknesses and madness that imperils my sanity.  I enjoy reading others' posts so I can keep nudging back the many ways knowledge and experience traps me with...
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Ideas just keep on coming. Sometimes it seems like there are so many characters, plots, stories and settings spinning around in my head that I feel incapcitated. What to write next. Need to finish this, want to edit and revise that, but then there is blogging, infinitely easier but again, there's...
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Work remains quiet, as does life. Our good friends moved away. Rain is putting a damper on our yard and garden work. The walk today was cold and wet, drenching my rain coat, not at all the sort of May weather we're normally experience. Read that down in Australia, they were experiencing the coldest...
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"The mind is everything. What you think you become." ~Buddha  Do you ever notice that you come to some conclusion or get an idea and suddenly from someone or somewhere else you receive a message that gives you a sign that you are heading in the right direction? I have had that experience...
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ISBN 978-93-80658-22-3      www.chickensoup.com ALSO CAN BUY IT FROM http://www.flipkart.com/chicken-soup-jack-canfield-mark-book-9380658223 I have completed my two years of Redroom activities like writing, reading and commenting blogs. I joined here with my amateurish writing but Redroom members...