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  July 4   RENTING JOY     I cannot buy happiness.  No matter how much money I spend, how hard I work, I can never pay bliss off on lay away.  The angles of escape for glee are phenomenal.  I see runaway emotions and must concede ownership.  When...
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If there’s thunder, plug your ears. Putter around the house in something loose and elastic, flashlight in hand. A power outage should turn your focus toward storm drains and generators, away from the memory of one specific cheek- curve, how it bloomed with palm prints the day he spoke his mind and...
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A midsummer thunderstorm had just passed and I went outside for fresh air.  While sitting in the sultry humidity, my cat and dog at my feet, I became aware of hummingbirds darting around my head.  I stepped inside, quickly grabbing my Canon PowerShot and quietly sat back down,...
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Oh, dear friend Oh, Dear Friend, great poet, just think of it and quietNo one is deceiving you than the fateYou must catch the bull by hornDon’t wait for any calculation and turn Time and tide can be turned into favorIf you make adjustments minorNothing can be achieved if you merely look at skyAsk...
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It rains, it snows, time takes me in the depths of a shallow storm; wishing for a tropical place to get warm.  Melting away the frost, pricing the rays of the sun at a hefty cost.  Time determines a mood, collecting fragments of an obscure doom.   ...
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When the last few glistening droplets fall, The sun enters through bamboo blinds on my windows. Mosaic on the walls. The clouds lace the sky and open wide holes of blue. I think I see hope written within. Vivid hues begin to arch across the heavens Signalling the birds to begin their...
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Now for whatever damage the storm did, it really wasn't as bad as the doomsayers on TV made it out to be. Here on the coast of Virginia, I listened as newscasters declared states of emergency, and 'storm of the century' and 'worst storm ever' being bandied about. There were talks of panicked runs...
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My mind is running amuck today.  My thoughts are so many right now, I can't promise to make sense of them here.  Yes, God is here.  Yes, I am hearing more and more.  And there are times when His voice brings to light that which is all at once a beautiful yet painful...
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At 1:55 a.m. Saturday evening, the loudest clap of thunder in the United States shook our house like a 4.0 earthquake.  (I haven’t been in an earthquake; it might have been a 5.0 or 6.0 magnitude.) I nudged RJ. “Did you feel that?” RJ mumbled. (The next morning he said the thunder became a bomb in...