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  It’s no secret that the retail industry is having its share of difficulties this year. From the abrupt changes made to JCPenny’s to the major sale of retail giant Saks 5th Avenue to the Canadian parent company, Hudson Bay, who owns Lord and Taylor, the retail industry has made some...
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Photo: Barnes and Noble icon, from twimg.com.  (Notice the brick and mortar name and the .com.)   So a few days ago I walk into the only large (chain) bookstore left in all of Rhode Island: Barnes and Noble.  I wanted to go there because a) I'd forgotten if I'd pre-ordered Stephen...
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More ideas that didn't find a way into their own blog entry:   --In a country of Freedom of Speech, Rolling Stone had the right to put the Marathon Bomber on its cover.  Stores like Walgreen's and CVS have the right not to sell it.  And the consumer has the right not to buy it....
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Photo: The book's hard cover, from bookdepository.com   The small hardcover of Stephen King’s Blockade Billy / Morality is handsome to hold and to look at, and it looks different than any of his other actual physical books.  The two stories inside are the same: very different than usual...
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Wow, This seems to be my favourite word of late, but seriously wow and wow once more! Last Friday's Reading Slam to raise money for Sexual Advice Association was absolutely awesome; I'm still buzzing from it now. Read all about it my latest blog. http://www.megphilipauthor.com/index.php/my-blog/...
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I have no where to go and hideThe world has been torn apart and made wideI have no face to reveal cruelty being inflictedDivinity is shamed and faith is dissected What is wrong with my appearance?Lovely face and red cheeks by chanceCan no one take it as god gift at once?Why at all outrage with...
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From the list I saw on the bookshelf for Redroom, I would choose the book NO PLOT NO PROBLEM looked good as well as NAKED AND WRITING. I love writing reference books and anything to improve my craft. The CATS MEOW also sounds cute as I have a cat. The idea of buying books from Redroom is appealing.
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We take the phrase “Christmas season” literally here in the Forest. The decorations are finally coming down today. In a lame attempt at our defense, we had Christmas visitors until last Sunday. The snow is deep, the wood is dry, the dogs are cuddly. Much of life now is hunkering down for serious...
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I was out doing what I do, when circumstance led me to a particular place. I was my usual smiley, happy self and belly laughed at the jokes we shared.  It was soon time to buckle down and be serious; concentrate on the information being given. A simple sentence was typed on a phone and shared with...
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In a world of cookie-cutter chain book stores, it is so nice that there are still stores that display their books so that readers can enjoy the hunt! Shakespeare and Co in Paris, France is one of these treasured stores that celebrate books in their true form. They do not buy into the marketing...