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stomach flu | stomach flu

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My gut began clenching violently the other day.  I was miserable, clenching my middle section and moaning in acute pain. Gall bladder? Colitis? Ulcer? I went to bed convinced that I had brought this upon myself through my incessant worrying about the stuff that has me feeling uptight and...
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“Dropping like flies” was the comment of one of the grandkids describing our family Thanksgiving vacation at Woodsong.   The holiday started early when a call from Goreville Tuesday morning said that Gerry and Vickie with Geri Ann and their grandson Aidan were almost here from Georgia.  We happily...
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If you read my last blog, you may have guessed why I haven’t blogged on time.  Yes, before we woke up on Tuesday, Gerald and I had caught the family flu.  He dressed, however, although he reduced his level of activity.  In fact, at the end of Tuesday, he said he had managed to do the most important...