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Am I the only person in USA happy that House has finally ended? I watched one episode and found it gross and clichéd in its plotting, recognizing though that Hugh Laurie’s acting skills were most likely the main (only?) thing that could ever give yet another series about the American TV public’s...
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I don’t know what I expected from this global phenomenon, but it wasn’t the endearing mixture of warmth, wit, intelligence and larky self-knowledge that I found. There were comments she made about her work that I have no doubt she has come out with before – goodness knows, in my own small way I’ve...
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Arnold Jansen op de Haar finds a relation between Bavaria babes & Stephen Fry: I spent Christmas in Flemish Bruges. I had plenty of time to think back to events in 2010. This is the question that hasn’t been asked: why would a beautiful, intelligent young woman aspire to be a Bavaria babe? If I...
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    Fry says bookshops could go the way of blacksmiths 16.09.10 | Philip Jones Stephen Fry has predicted that there will be a "hell of a culling" of traditional bookstores as a result of the increasing adoption of iPads and ebooks, but added that some will survive. Fry was responding to...
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I've reached the penultimate chapter in my twitterisation of my novel A Gentle Axe. I don't seriously think anyone will have followed the twitterisation all the way through. In all honesty, I never imagined anyone would. As a communication channel, twitter simply doesn't suit the transmission of an...
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Up on high, in the attic of Waterstone's Booksellers in Bath, there is a room... a special place. A place where you can scribble on the walls and not end up being dragged out of the store by security. The walls of the room are reserved for the signatures of authors who have signed books at the...