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Unlike the piece of advice forever handed down to would-be authors, I almost never write what I know. I’d much rather learn something new, considering how much research and discipline is required to finish a novel anyway. So I approach subjects that I haven’t the faintest idea about and read...
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Russell Wasendorf, Senior, Peregrine CEO, stole over 100,000,000 USD from his customers. He began the practice in 1993, shortly after starting the company. They found Russell out not long ago, and he confessed much in his suicide note. His suicide didn't go as planned, however, so now he's around...
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The Long Vacation 1. We stand next to each other at a shallow trough full of muddy water, sifting for gems with our fingers. You find a large white stone in the shape of a peacock feather and slip it into my pocket, so we won’t have to pay. On the way out, we are short a dollar, and I have to...
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1.     “What are Americans still buying?  Big Macs, Campbell’s soup, Hershey’s, chocolate, and Spam – the four food groups of the apocalypse.”                           From Frank Rich’s Sunday, February 1, New York Times, column entitled “Herbert Hoover Lives”        2.    I was driving...
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 I was asked to contribute my thoughts on the upcoming inauguation of Pres. Obama. My piece was chosen to be published in a WeBook anthology. The contribution is below.  My thoughts on the coming presidential inauguration take me back to the moment that I began to fear living in the United States....
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Manners.  Whatever happened to manners? I'm starting to feel older than my years. This is nothing new. I've watched the detrioration of any semblence of civility for awhile now. Whatever happened to "Please," and "Thank You?" And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I live on the...