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*Release Source: Spring4th Publishing FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Book Makes Starting a Business a Movable Feat San Francisco, CA—July 15, 2009—It's hard to ignore the growing mobile trend—mobile restaurants, mobile pet groomers, mobile (fill in the blank). The trend is a response to reduced access...
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Sometimes I like to sit down with no thoughts in my head, no feelings in my heart and just see what comes out. This is one of those times. Where as my life was mostly repetitious a month ago, these days its nearly spontaneous. This is quite a departure from the way I normally like things. I like...
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For a while now, I have been reading the essays of Paul Graham, author of "Hackers and Painters." I consider all his writings required reading for any creative or entrepreneurial person, but his latest one, "Be Good," is even more so. Read this and pass it on far and wide....