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            “There’s never a level playing field,” says Sting, in the brilliant documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom.  You can skip this little essay and go straight to your television to watch that film if you like. It speaks for itself....
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  In the movies, I’m at my dying aunt’s bedside, a band of loving cousins surrounding me. I’m singing a song she used to sing with my mother and other aunts and uncles a long, long time ago. When they’d sit around the kitchen table, harmonizing, laughing and simply embracing life. And I,...
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He's cute, he's likeable, he's inoffensive, and like everyone else out there who has surprise fame or stardom, he earned it. Talent aside, some of our biggest stars have something that sets them apart, making them shine beyond the screen and airways. If you asked Dakota Fanning or Justin Timberlake...