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So, I normally think of myself as pretty (okay, very) old-fashioned. I was the last person on earth, I’m convinced, to have gotten an answering machine, and about the last to get a cell phone. (Or maybe I’m just more antisocial than old-fashioned). Nine times out of ten I’ll chose a book with pages...
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I was intrigued by Evan Schnittman's new blog Black Plastic Glasses and his post "Why ebooks must fail" because it contradicts what is happening all over the Internet - ebook sites are popping up like weeds.The miracle grow for ebooks is the launch of the second generation Kindle, the...
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I love exploring my darker side--this piece could have the alternate title "Why Steve should never eat pizza late at night and fall asleep after looking at naughty XXX websites." Just kidding...no, no...not really. (sigh) Read on, reader!   nyctalopia intrusive, evil hour,an auger...