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There is an experience that I think most women can relate to. There are some men who can also relate, but on a different level; they certainly can react when someone they love, such as a wife, sister, mother, friend has had this extremely uncomfortable experience. From the time women are little...
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"Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen." --Willa Cather As a young girl I accompanied my grandmother to visit an aunt in the mental institution, once call The Provincial Lunatic asylum. We went in the streetcar. She spent much of her life...
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Several years ago I was made aware that my husband's ex-wife was stalking me through my writing - via this blog and the many entries she found by 'googling' my name.  When she could comment, she would post some bizarre and delusional material; she also enlisted her friends and my mother-in-law in...
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I grew up in northeast Nebraska and never decided which of the four seasons I loved the most.  But the older I grow the more my heart turns to the months from November to February, teasing the scenes to come to life.  There I discovered with an even stronger yearning the wonder of winter. Hiking in...
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"Rainbow"painting by Judy Jonesc jj 2002   While writing a friends obituary, I realized how much I detest the superficialities of life. A robot can type in dates, places and times, but I cannot. It is the dark nights of the soul in which our true character is shaped. That we try and...