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Janet Fitch, the author of the blockbuster White Oleander and a teacher at USC and The Squaw Valley Community of Writers, approved the publication of this list -- intended for fiction writers but good for many of us -- in its entirety  in the Los Angeles Times:  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/...
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A lot of us in the Bay Area had our beginnings as writers -- at least as networking writers -- at The Squaw Valley Community of Writers Conference. I, for one, would not have found my most trusted Bay Area colleagues without having participated. The Conference relies heavily on donations, not only...
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I was on the wait list and when I was not called by the end of the first week in July figured I was going to have a week at home doing yardwork, vet visits and the dribbles of things that need doing when you are working full time and single. On my birthday, late in the day I got a call that there...
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Greetings!  This post is belated and, as mine always seem to be, brief, but I just wanted to report here that my week with the Community of Writers in Squaw Valley, CA was fantabulous!  It was my first time back since 10 years ago, and I had worried that my warm-fuzzy memories from 1999 had maybe...
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Greetings!  With snow in the forecast in my area today, for my own sanity I am thinking ahead to summer!  One of the treats I'm looking forward to is spending a week in the California Sierra Nevada mountain range, immersing myself in poetry at the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Poetry Workshop...