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There are doves nesting in a planter right by our front door.  We noticed it last week when Operation Spring Clean Up began. If we open the front door the dove flies away and leaves two beautifully perfect eggs in a simple elegant nest right under the light by our door.  So, we don't...
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  The Rosary on the Second Day of Spring   Primavera, first truth baptism of rebirth heaven's windows wide, laundered light shedding amnesty promised, earth's hallowed wedding to a transfigured kingdom   Jordan's stale river cleansed Holy Water Cana's brackish springs become vintage...
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Even though it is 28 degrees Fahrenheit here this morning, it is still the first day of Spring and I couldn't be happier. I love spring. That said, though, life continues to wreak a wellspring of HAVOC on my wee bonny head. Yesterday, just when everything felt absolutely wonderful -- I was having...
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After dinner the other night, a friend who’d recounted the rather impressive incompetence of the powers-that-be at his workplace said that he tried not to think about how messed up things are in the larger world beyond his 9 to 5, because when he got in touch with all that could go wrong, it...
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My mother died last spring.  It is difficult to say, but we were never really close after I left home to go to graduate school.  I wanted her to call me more often but was never sure what I wanted to say, and I’m sure she wanted to call me but couldn’t find a way through to do it.  I...
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Spring arrived, but she did not stay~ her path strewn with bright, green leaves moving gently in her warm breeze.   Spring arrived, but she did not stay~ a trail of pink and white blossoms fell from her fingertips, on the dogwood trees, creating a carpet of beauty where the azaleas...
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Small, yellow blossom, sunny, and bright. You bring a smile to my face when my gaze falls upon you as I stand at the window sipping coffee. © annettealaine-2013
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Our flirtation with spring ended. It was a brief, delightful affair.  She was warm and gentle. Grouchy winter has returned, spitting huge, wet blobs of snow down from his cold grey maw.  The cats aren't pleased, going to the door, going out, and coming back in.  Confused, they look...
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 A spring rain comes   and washes away   the writing   on the   wall  
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v New America Media, News Analysis, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jan 14, 2013  Vietnam, a police state where freedom of expression can come with a multi-year prison term, is awash in cell phones. Whether for talking, texting or taking photos, Vietnamese are buying up mobile devices at a...