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As I write this, my plane has just taken off from Heathrow, seven hours after its scheduled departure. I spent six of them on the tarmac, trying to soothe the part of my brain that was spinning a story about British Airways’ incompetence. That was fairly challenging: during the previous hour,...
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  At my final MFA residency at St. John’s College just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, we are discussing Cormac McCarthy, Richard Rodriguez, the art of rhetoric, describing smell. The one thing we are not discussing this week, oddly, is the Olympics. I love the Olympics. Because my family...
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  Wild Olympic flame gathering energy on deluged thoroughfares banishing our ruined dreams fresh vision kindled   The nation focused reminiscent spectacle of our heritage gone the touchstone of its soul the flint and tinder   struck by our forebears tillers of the untamed earth...