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In the week when Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronalda agreed to transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid for eighty million pounds ($131,215,730). The World Twenty20 crickets tournament is going on. in rugby the British and Irish Lions are touring South Africa heading for the first...
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Last spring, I joined a tennis team.  Our team's home court is at Davie Stadium in Oakland.  Actually, half of the property is in Piedmont.  Davie is public, has five courts.  You can call and reserve a court, eight dollars for an hour. It is well worth the money for the gorgeous surroundings. ...
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Interesting to hear people who are complaining about the anti-China Olympic protesters use that phrase. Last time I heard it was when white South Africans were complaining about the sports boycotts in the 1980s. After making a political decision that only white people could play sports, they said...
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The thwack in the sweet spot.  The bright green court and the white net.  The zen of a long rally, hitting the ball back and forth, back and forth, the lull, the tension, the lull, the tension, the rhythm.  The soar of the serve, the aerodynamics of the toss, the bend of the body, the smash down...