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Some books enter through the eyes, making their way straight to the forebrain. Some touch the reader's heart. I'm writing today about a book you will want to read because it wraps itself around both mind and spirit, drawing the lucky reader into the Great Conversation, that exchange marked by the...
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Spoon Jackson's book of poems -- Longer Ago -- is now available on lulu.com  Spoon's and my By Heart: Poetry, Prison, and Two Lives -- a two-person memoir -- is also now available for purchase.
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Just home from residency at Hedgebrook on Whidbey Island overlooking Puget Sound. Six women writers are each given a cabin to live and work in, as well as meals. Applications for February through November 2010 must be postmarked by September 24, 2009.   During this stay I finished work on By...
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“As human beings, we all have one foot in light, and one foot in darkness,” Spoon Jackson wrote. I’ve thought a great deal about Spoon’s words this week as I read the details of the civil gang injunction proposed for San Francisco’s Western Addition.  A few of the 44 names on that list are familiar...