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spirit unbroken: abby's story | spirit unbroken: abby's story

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Though passing time ferried us out of our childhood abuse, many of us continue to feel stuck in the same current. In the river of life, we feel unable to paddle to new possibilities for happiness. It’s the most natural thing in the world to float downstream, using the same skills that helped us...
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 There are many ways to come to a decision. Some of them help us feel connected to others around us. Others celebrate our past. Many bow to the logic of our minds where fears, doubts, and worries try to keep us safe. Remembering everything is energy offers us a chance to weave other choices...
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May 1, 2012 I’m convinced we can’t escape our childhood sexual abuse without shame. It sticks to us no matter how much we achieve and in spite of loving relationships. This disempowering feeling is one of the big challenges in healing… which means it also holds some of our richest insights to...